Ultra-Low Dose 64 SLICE CT and CTA with Care Dose and IMAR

A CT scan is a sophisticated diagnostic tool which combines X-Ray technology and a high-speed computer to produce a detailed image of your body. CT is one of the best tools to evaluate internal organs of the head, chest, abdomen, or pelvis, but is also useful in evaluating bone pathology, including tumors and fractures.

Choice Diagnostic Imaging is proud to utilize the Ultra-Low-Dose 64-slice Siemens Somatom Perspective.

Unlike a standard X-Ray, our low dose 64 slice CT x-ray source rotates around the patient, and each rotation produces a cross sectional “slice” This advanced imaging technology scans the body in rotational fashion and because the rotational movement of the x-ray tube and horizontal movement of the table occur simultaneously, our CT can obtain more information in a shorter time frame

Advantages of our CT include a more rapid scan time and a lower dose of radiation. In addition, a CT procedure can usually be performed with a few breath-holds instead of one for each image or slice. As a result, patient comfort and tolerance are increased.

CTA (Computed Tomography Angiography) uses CT technology to visualize blood flow in arterial vessels throughout the body.  Areas evaluated with our 64 slice CT include the arteries serving the brain, lungs, kidneys and heart.

CTA can also be used used to detect narrowing or obstruction of blood vessels as well as aneurysms and embolism.