Insurance Information

Choice Diagnostic Imaging is a preferred provider for Medicare and most Commercial PPO, HMO and Medicare Replacement health plans. We also accept worker’s compensation, personal injury protection (PIP) claims and Attorney Letters of Protection.

With rising health insurance premiums and personal medical expenses, patients should be educated about your out-of-pocket expense BEFORE you complete the imaging procedure. Your insurance plan may have a deductible/coinsurance/co-pay, or if the exam you require is not covered by insurance, you may incur a significant expense.

As a courtesy, Choice Diagnostic Imaging will verify your insurance benefits prior to your procedure and to the extent possible, explain in detail your out of pocket expense as relayed to us by your insurance company. Please know, these amounts are supplied by your insurance company, reflect your policy, and are only estimated amounts.

Please know Choice Diagnostic Imaging is a diagnostic radiology practice and not a physician’s office. Therefore, your co-insurance, co-pays and deductible differ from your typical physician office visit.

Also, advanced radiology procedures, such as MRI and CT often require a pre-authorization or referral prior to your exam and can take up to 48-72 hours to complete.

When scheduling your imaging procedure, please keep in mind, if your exam is performed at a hospital based center, your out-of-pocket expense could be significantly higher (up to four to six times greater) than if performed at Choice Diagnostic Imaging.

While Choice Diagnostic Imaging is happy to assist and educate our patients to the best of our ability, it is ultimately our patient’s responsibility to understand the coverage provided in their individual health plans.